A Life of Laughter

By LaughterLover

Still Kids at Heart

Nothing takes you back to your childhood like bouncing on a trampoline and I am told it is fun for all ages. Rory has a trampoline in his back garden and I had a shot on it today, the first time I have been on a trampoline in a long time.

It got me thinking about my childhood, and isn't it weird that looking back, you don't remember the rainy days, only the days when you spent hours outside running around with friends? I want my summer this year to be filled with walks, cycles and just general outdoorsy activities because God knows, I spent enough time indoors and studying when at uni.

Next semester, I vow to explore more of Dundee and the surrounding areas, and I must at some point visit Morag and Bryony in St Andrews. I don't know how I spent a year in Dundee without really ever exploring the city! But this shall be corrected.

I think this is my favourite photo of Rory and also one of the best photos that I have taken of a person before. I hate photographing people.


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