Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


Tried to catch the wind with this 2.5 second shot on the tripod (with a ND filter)   Clearly need to play with this more.. :-)   -but you get the idea…it also smoothed the water out of course.   The flag on the point is straight out.  Nasty.

Only went out to help move the boat around on the dock in the rain when the wind changed directions.  Otherwise I’ve been holed up in the studio with the computer -I can’t hear the wind here very much, have music on,  - only the cones and sticks falling and bumping on the roof…Trying to finish a second blurb book before the deadline today for Blurb’s 50% off.  Not sure it will happen…. but I did get one done…nice to have no schedules…and it was a bit of an incentive to make me work at it....

Edit:  We still fortunately have power while 90000 nearby are out.  so I got my 2nd book uploaded - but it doesn't count- for the discount--not part of the same order, I guess.  sigh.  Oh well,at least  it made me finish it --(blip year 5, from last May)

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