Sheer Elegance

Words do not really describe the beauty and elegance of orchids, but it's very easy to appreciate everything they signify.
Because they bear their flowers for so long they invariably hold pride of place at our house, and for that matter at many of our friends as well.
The result is that at almost any time of year we can rely on having flowers in the house.
This little chap I spotted at the supermarket last week, and just could not resist it. Which is just as well because the existing one on the dining room table began to drop its flowers  almost from the moment I brought this one home. As if in protest.
Whether we ever recapture the sheer elegance of the original as you see here, 
What is always thrilling is when they start to re-bloom, and while they receive little care once the flowers have died off, the moment they show signs of life again they will receive plenty of tender loving care.
We've found the best place to keep them is on the windowsill of the bathroom. They appear to thrive in a hot steamy atmosphere created by  the shower, and every tired looking orchid we have stored there has flowered again.
Whether we ever recapture the sheer delicate elegance of the original is difficult to assess, yet growing orchids as a pastime becomes an infectious hobby.

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