Occasionally Focused

By tsuken


Between patients
Between bad and ok
Between chudan (chest/mid height) and jodan (high/head height)

Nothing much today, so you get this. I had a bit of down-time scattered through the day; what to do but a bit of karate kihon (basics) training? ;) As advised by Sims kancho sensei, I started my mae geri (front kick) low and worked it up higher. I was really rather pleased 1. that I got it this high; 2. that I didn't split my pants doing so. xP (and yes, I'm hunching nastily, and leaning back; I'm glad of the photo, so I see that, and can work to correct it.)


It was a prick trying to get this, with no tripod, and nothing to guide my focusing, and the flash, and the timer, and trying to time my kick just right (I got one photo where my knee was up, the kick having recoiled; I look like something from the Ministry of Silly Walks xP ).

SMC Pentax-DA 35mm f2.4; K-30.

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