An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Fire Starter...


After the disaster of Christmas Day 2013, we were finally ready to try lighting a fire again.

We've had the chimney swept again, a taller cowl fitted to the chimney and took the advice of the sweep and kept the fire going for a good 20 minutes or so with just newspaper and kindling before putting any logs on.   

John and Norma arrived for dinner and we set them to work making newspaper kindling while D got the logs and everything else sorted.   Once the fire was set, D lit the newspaper and we all held our breath.....

It was clear within seconds that this would be a more successful attempt at having a real fire, as we could hear the fire draw as the flames took hold and thankfully everything that should have, went up the chimney!!!

Logs on and we settled back to enjoy the warmth and the spectacle.   We were so mesmerised by the flames, we hardly looked at the telly the whole night!!!

So happy that we now have a real fire.  We used up almost all the logs we had though so now we know it works, time to order a massive pile!

See extra photo for the face in the flames!!!!   

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