By pensionspoet

Glass Baubles

Day 2 of my old Christmas bits and pieces! Baubles. Vintage Christmas Baubles! All glass. I love them. I even like the old Players Virginia cigarettes box and soap box they live in. There are the remains of 1977 jubilee ribbons nestled in the bottom and yellowing lace as a cushion at the edges plus some very old crumbling tissue paper. At the weekend I'll get Jon to find me a nice branch to hang them on.

So hard to get out of bed today. Feeling generally like I'd like a day in bed! Had a busy work day, posted out a few earring orders at lunch time, which saw the end of my Christmas charm earrings. Just a lot of snowmen & Rudolphs remaining - which can sit in my box until next year!

Got home at 6 & cooked. Cancelled my old home insurance and bought one with a new provider at over £500 a year cheaper. Hoovered before Jon got in at 8.20. So we've sat and watched Kirstie's Handmade Christmas, followed by the pottery thing. No jungle or celebrity in sight.

I have one last vintage Christmas gem for you for tomorrow - I'm sure the lovely Alan can't wait!!! ;-)

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