By Incredibish

Under Ground Over Ground

Most of the mushroom is below the surface of the woodland floor; only the fruiting body emerges. Because it is Wednesday I felt the need to walk out today with the wide angle lens. I'm not sure windeanglewednesday is currently running, but it gave me an excuse.

And in the end I couldn't really decide which wide angle to go with for today's blip, so I added a couple of extras: a collection of pine cones and fungi, and a point in time as the crane lifts another section of the treetop walkway into place at Westonbirt. The main mushroom though has a smooth flowing texture more normally associated with long exposure water, and I'm quite taken with it.

I'm very grateful for all the fun I get out of having to find something to photograph every single day... It takes my mind off the fact my parish clerk handed in her notice just before Christmas, that Localism doesn't really mean local, and that we seem to think we can bomb peace into conflict zones... and just add coffee.

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