School drop off, picture of the stairs, home, porridge for breakfast, a bit of tidying, pilates, the bank, online Christmas shopping, back to school, Half an hour reading in the car with Miss L before going to get Miss E from Art Club.
Met by the head of Year Three who said there'd been an incident at lunchtime.
Another child had threatened to poke Miss E in the eye with a stick because she wanted to join (take over) a game Miss E was playing with another girl.
He must have thought I was a complete space cadet because I hardly reacted at all. I thought he was going to tell me Miss E had done something wrong and was in trouble. 
By the time I realised it was the other way round it was a bit late to sound cross!!
Apparently the girl in question was sent to the headmistress and will be writing Miss E a letter of apology.
She's got form.
He was full of praise for Miss E who didn't retaliate or get involved in a spat but rather went straight and told on older girl who went to tell a teacher. Good girl!!! 

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