Distorted : pulled or twisted out of shape

I don’t know how paperweights are made, but the inside of this one is definitely distorted.  It was given to me several years ago, and I think it’s probably fair to say that I have never really looked that closely at it before today.

However, it fits in well with the Mono Monday challenge hosted by Skeena and in my present state is the best I can do.

You will be as fed up hearing about my night time coughing as I am doing it, but I was determined to get a blip done early today.  I don’t know what it is about coughing that makes you feel so wretched and worn out, but I decided enough was enough and a visit to the doctor has been arranged for later this morning.

Thank you so much for all your kind comments and suggestions yesterday - I am working my way through the list of remedies - but haven’t yet tried the onions or garlic!

“Our identities 
     are tremendously warped 
          and distorted 
               by yesterday's trauma and
                    tomorrow's expectations.” 
Bryant McGill

If anyone wants further information about Blipfuture, and you haven't already seen it, then do have a look here.

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