Mass Observation

Slept badly - and woke early. Today were doing a spot about the 75th anniversary of Mass Observation and how people were asked to record the geography of their living rooms and their what was on their mantelpieces. Listeners were asked to send in photos of their mantelpieces today. This is mine. It is allegedly the window to your life. On mine
mirror -rescued from my mother's old dressing table by #1 son and spray gold by me;
fairy lights - bought in Inverurie for a Christmas
jasmine - brought by a friend
silver candlesticks - one was my sister's Silver Wedding present to us in 2003 - I bought the matching one later
2 glass candleholders - I bought these, for Inverurie
carriage clock - bought by my sons' father's friends as a group wedding present to us - Feb 1978
black cats - I bought 3 of them at the Traidcraft stall in Inverurie - can't remember where the 4th one came from
Palm cross - from the church on Palm Sunday
Lavender air freshener - to combat the clothes moths
Rituals room scent - because I like it (nearly finished)
Photo - my paternal grandparents c 1960
3 monkeys - pewter, bought in Penang a year ago
Thank you card - from #1 son and daughter in law and a welcome to Malaysia
broken shell - #3 son brought it up diving - and then accidentally broke it with a bean bag

So what does that say about me and my personality?

On the hearth, out of view are tapestry firescreen bought my me about 8 years ago on ebay, crystal vase bought in shelter shop filled with flowers from #1 son and d in l, glass candle jar silver wedding gift from my friends Y and G, fuchsia bought at the Scottish gardening Show, 2 tall candle holders bought by me in Glasgow last year, matches, lavender calendar, 2 incense holders inherited from #1 son, candle snuffer which I've had for ages.

Elsewhere E finished, a very low key event. S started and N came in past, two more men in my life.

It rained and rained and rained and rained.

#1son and wife came by to wash and hot shower and I got another chance to say good-bye.

2 lots of advice about renting the flat and Tesco came. Now what does THAT say about me?

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