I am so fed up with staying indoors and especially, feeling so poorly, not being able to go out into the garden, that when we came home from church on Sunday, I decided I just had to prune the roses in the front garden.

This crocus rose bush had grown quite big and in fact, was quite “leggy” so I have pruned it right back hoping that next year it will reward us, once again, with some beautiful blooms.

There were still a few buds on this particular bush, so not wanting just to consign them to the green bin or to the compost heap, I carefully cut them and brought them indoors to sit on my kitchen windowsill and have been rewarded with seeing them open up and surprisingly, as they are opening, the perfume is beautiful.  

The flowers are quite small, however, but still beautifully formed and this one, which is less than 2 inches across, fits in well with the Tiny Tuesday challenge and I still have two more buds to enjoy!

The rose is a rose 
     from the time it is a seed 
          to the time it dies. 
Within it, at all times, 
     it contains its whole potential. 
It seems to be constantly 
     in the process of change: 
Yet at each state, 
     at each moment, 
          it is perfectly all right 
               as it is.     
Paulo Coelho

Once again, I apologise for lack of commenting during the last few days, but because I am coughing so much, I am so tired and just don't feel like typing in the evenings.  I really hope that this goes before Christmas.

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