By pensionspoet

Busy Saturday

Up bright and early, Jon drove me over to Cromer to collect my car. At home we enjoyed a rare breakfast together and made a shopping list. We planned to seek out Sainsburys in North Walsham.

At 10.30 we woke Mollie to tell her we were heading out and that we'd be gone a while. 3 hours and £190 later we were home, having done a normal weekly shop plus a load of Christmas stuff.

The afternoon was spent in the kitchen. Mollie and Henry made truffles - 3 kinds - for tomorrow's Gibbs Christmas get together in Cambridge. I made the pastry for more orange mince pies. I'll bake them in the morning so that they are nice and fresh. Unusual attire for cooking as you see in my photo - but anything goes at Christmas - shorts with a pinny, or tiger onesie - just anything!

While the kids settled down in front of the 2nd Harry Potter film with pizzas, we headed out for an evening meal with new acquaintances. The scout leaders had organised a meal at one couple's house. We took salad to accompany the dinner & cheese for afters. It was a really nice evening. Chatty, informal and friendly. It would appear we are making friends! So as a consequence I'm blipping so late it's tomorrow already! It must have been a good evening....

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