Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


I am really pleased at how well I coped today after my 1:30am bed time!! Even with a rather boring checking job to do in the afternoon.

Finally home and there is so much pending, but some things can just wait. At the start of the year, we bought a couple of blow-up reindeers in Masafi. Sometimes you've just got to do something crazy.

G had packed them away with the decorations, and yesterday, they emerged!! I had completely forgotten about them. Anyway, this evening, G had a go at blowing up one of them. Surprisingly, it didn't take too long. She must have strong lungs from playing the recorder. Sitting by her side is her friend Catherine who arrived last night and had a two hour wait at immigration cos the queues were so long!

I think the reindeer is going to be out on the balcony. Amusing the kids in the garden no doubt. We could have had a blow up cow, but that isn't very chrismassy. I always wonder who buys those large blow-up animals that they hang outside small groceries in this part of the world.


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