Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Merry Christmas, blippers!

Thank you for all the lovely comments for our anniversary yesterday!  We are kind of shocked ourselves at how fast those years have flown.

Have finally gotten to sending some “cards” that have been ready for days but no time to send them….but more hope this way than in the mail ..… It’s one page that I keep in a book so at a quick glance I can see what year our family did what.  (even quicker than my wonderful blip books which are a week on a 2 page spread). Many of these pictures were blips in the last year.

And thinking about these memories, Blipfoto’s future is seriously in jeopardy -I hope you have read the reports..there seem to be fewer users than we thought.. Just today I received word to my queries that those of us in the USA who want to pledge to keep this great site open, can now do it—but only using a debit card.    I was all set ….but we don’t use a debit card, only credit.  They have responded that they are working on an alternative, but it’s frustrating to not be part of the numbers yet… and the time is getting shorter.   

It will be very sad if I can’t send you holiday greetings like this next year….

“We wish you a Merry Christmas, good health, Peace and Joy in the new year.

May we all be kind and take care of our world.”

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