Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


This may just be how I feel today! Collapsed on the sofa with the wind taken out of my sails!

G is still not well, so stayed home again to really get rid of her cold. I went to work. She had some rest in the morning and then took down some decorations. I got on with yet another boring checking job as well as catching up.

The cleaner yesterday got the two reindeer off the balconies and washed them down, ready to be put away for another year. He said to leave them to dry before taking the air out... so G did that and I think she had a bit of fun. She also took this picture for my blip - to record the day, as you do.

Our team had the first monthly meeting of the year and as you can imagine, in the current economic climate, the outlook isn't very good. In fact, it is actually very bleak because low oil prices very directly impact what we do. So, survival and innovation are the order of the day. I can't say any more than that. We went over an hour after time, but G still volunteered to pick me up!

And that was the 11th of January, 2016!

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