The Flash of Perception

"You wake up, and your surroundings appear vividly. This is what we call the flash of perception. The flash of perception is non-linear. It comes from nowhere, and it goes nowhere. You are shocked from your sleep and lose your place in your story line. Your are really here"
- 'The Practice of Contemplative Photography', Karr & Wood

Weithiau dych chi'n eich stopio yn sydyn gan rywbeth dych chi wedi gweld.  Rhaid i ti neidio oddi ar eich beic (neu beth bynnag) ac edmygu beth dych chi wedi gweld, ac efallai tynnu llun.

Sometimes you are stopped suddenly by something that you have seen. You have to jump off your bike (or whatever), and admire what you have seen, and maybe take a photograph.

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