A dark windy day again.
That's why I finished my last curtain seam. Glad I did it, I kind of shamed myself that it took such a long time to start it. Afterwards I am not surprised at it at all.
After lunch Piet Hein and I walked into town, telling each other that if it should be too cold or windy, we would return.
We stopped at the garden I love so much, even in winter there is something to admire. For instance the dead leaves in the little pond.
An extra photo shows a pretty corner of it.
From there we walked to the harbour. The little bridge over the canal is still missing, but soon enough the amazing job will be done.
In September 2015 a decision was made to re-open the harbour again to the Weser. The state of Hessen would donate 5 million euro for this.
However because of an objection to the plan, now all inhabitants may vote for ii or against it.
All pro's and contra's must be considered of course, a huge job. I am curious what will be the outcome. Pro for instance:  the heart of the town will be more lively, contra: boats that will enter the harbour will add pollution. And many more issues.

My haiku:

At the surface and
Under water decayed leaves
Of waterlilies

And the danish proverb:

It is good fasting when the table is covered with fish.

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