A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

Derelict Wednesday (Sunday) 17 :: DS17 :: Barn

MMC16 :: #10 :: Exposed Barn

I've passed this barn hundreds of times. Today I had time to stop and give it a go. This is my offering for this week's Derelict Sunday image as hosted by TMLHereAndThere from Sunday.

Last night's round 2 of the mono print competition was a mixed bag. After round 1 I was joint top with the maximum 20 points. My mono version of Matilda only got 15 and my Brighton beach image 'Seeking the Ring' was given 18. This means I now lie 2 points behind the leader who got 20 for both his images. 

Elsewhere our club SLF mono print semi final didn't go too well. My contribution, 'Finding Granddad' scored 7/10 (it had scored 8.5/10 the previous round) and over all we lost to the other club by a huge 12 points. 

Apparently the judge thought there were too many graves in my image and he couldn't see the woman....

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