Mount Corrin

As regular followers of this journal will know, I have been tutored this year in the ancient art of bimbling. I've had an excellent teacher. I'm trusting that I've been a reasonably competent pupil! A bimble is a walk undertaken without any particular destination in mind. It's not about getting somewhere. It's actually about not getting anywhere - except a state of mindfulness to one's surroundings.

I'm not a natural bimbler, in as much as I seem to have spent most of my life in a rush to get to the next destination. I've had to learn to slow down my natural pace. But I've been getting to grips with the techniques and yesterday (as mentioned in my blip - which I thought needed some explanation) I took a first solo bimble while TJ had some work to do in Schull. It felt a little strange at first, not having a goal in mind and not being under pressure of the clock to be at a certain place at a certain time, but all the training clicked and it wasn't scary at all. I sauntered along the shoreline, exploring various promontories and inlets, and stopping to investigate rock pools, completely lost in the detail of the moment. I think I've earned my wings!

This has been the mood of my whole short trip to Ireland. There has been no plan to any of the last three days. Each has unfolded to our own rhythm and that of the weather and the people we have met. This is a new experience for me and a rather wonderful one too. Most of my holidays are so full-on that I usually need another one straight afterwards in order to recover. After the last few hectic weeks this has been exactly the tonic I've needed.

Today, after a leisurely breakfast, we climbed Mount Corrin (here) for the spectacular panoramic view. I think there can be no better spot from which to get a sense of the topography of the area. On the way back home we caught a rare moment of sunshine and stopped to take this retrospective back towards the mountain from near Ahakista, where we called in to say hello to Freespiral and ended up being treated to a wonderful lunch. Our final visit of the trip was to stop by at the Heron Gallery to see the amazing work of Annabel Langrish. This is one incredibly talented woman. Every single person I've met here is special. I guess the Sheepshead is that kind of place. With every visit a little bit more of my heart gets left behind here.

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