By Veronica

Not so magic cake

One of my birthday presents was a book of "magic cakes". I'm always happy to be given cookbooks and the photos looked luscious, so I decided to try one out this afternoon. The "magic" is that you make a single mixture, pour it into a cake tin, and after baking it has magically separated into three layers -- a bit like lemon surprise pudding. I could not help but be tempted by the salted butter caramel one. However as you can see, I ended up with only two layers, missing the creamy layer in the middle. The book stresses you shouldn't overcook it, so I set the alarm for five minutes before it was supposed to be ready, and it was already overcooked :( Oh well, you can't refuse cake even when it hasn't turned out quite right! I'll know better next time.

The archangel pigeon I blipped last week is still strutting around the square; it seems to have made itself at home, aided by copious servings of bread from our neighbour. S posted a photo of it on Facebook in the hope of tracking down the owner. In true French style, every comment on his post suggested a recipe. So now the only question is whether to serve it with mushrooms and bacon, or peas and onions. I hope it gets a bit more street-smart!

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