Where's BikerBear .........

 ............ now??

Yea, I know, at the airport!!  Don't really expect you to guess from this, if I'm honest!

Got back home late this afternoon - bad accident on the M25 caused a massive hold-up in both directions near the M40 junction- am hoping no-one was hurt - an articulated lorry was half on both the clockwise and  the anti-clockwise fast (overtaking) lanes - the central reservation barriers were flattened - he must have been really moving.

Two more meeces ...... released at the church again (no vicar observing today - lol) ...... they are getting hungry as nearly all the porridge oats were eaten in the traps!!

Thank you for all your comments and stars lately ...... I am struggling to keep up with MY comments and I'm hoping that I can "do" the flowerfriday awards on Wednesday ........ only three days late!

~ Anni ~

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