a lifetime burning

By Sheol


I'm not sure what the collective noun for finches is but it ought to be a squabble.  I love the way that the goldfinch on the bottom left is so shocked by the appalling behaviour of the greenfinches that it has let the seed fall out of its  beak in surprise and horror ;-)

I was nearly on my way out to work this morning when I realised that we had a woodpecker on the feeder.  I decided that I would never be able to get a photo of it so watched it with the binoculars admiring its enormous feet (no, really). It very quickly flew off, so I put on my coat and shoes only to have it fly back.  I raced into the study, grabbed the camera changed the lens and raced back, just in time to watch it fly away again.  I waited another 5 minutes just in case it came back but with work looming you will have to make do with these squabbling finches.

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