Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Durham Cathedral

Can I help you, Pet? I can sort it for you, like. 
I feel as if I am on the set of Vera or Inspector George Gently - I am loving the northern accent….when I can understand it! I embarrassed Gavin today by asking someone to repeat something about four times as I could not understand his accent. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, ‘up norf’, and Durham is such a charming and beautiful little town.

Gavin and I went for a walk around the town, stopping to take photos along the river of the cathedral. Then we went for a delicious coffee (and I admit, a gluten free piece of cake!). At midday we walked over to the sports grounds to see Luke’s hockey match - Durham University 4th team vs Sunderland. What a high level of hockey, a much higher standard than first team school boy hockey. Luke played down a team today so that we could watch his match as the 3rd team were playing away. The sports grounds were busy with all sorts of matches going on including  football, woman’s lacrosse, netball, even rowing on the river. I don’t know how Luke played hockey for 1 hour 30 minutes today after playing a hard game of rugby last night (where he scored one of only two tries). They won by 3-2, despite having a rather dodgy ref - who seemed to get much abuse from the older players from Sunderland!

We then went to see Luke’s new room in his college (he moved this term) - it is lovely, en suite with a beautiful view of the river. Then we walked to a suburban area where he will be staying next year to see the house they have rented - it looks perfectly Victorian and charming. 

Gavin and I returned to our hotel as Luke wanted a nap (they had a bit of a party after rugby last night!) and now we are just about to go meet Luke at a restaurant in town for dinner. It has been a wonderful day and lovely to see Luke again.

I have some extras, another Cathedral shot and some of Luke at hockey.

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