Scott's View and Eildon Hill

This was our playground for the day.

The weather was so beautiful that we decided first to drive up to Scott's View to see what we could see. In my blip there is the River Tweed to the right and Eildon Hill in the distance. Then we drove to Melrose, parked the car, and spent the next four hours trekking up and down the three peaks of Eildon Hill. It was quite a tricky walk in places due to three main hazards of ice, mud, and scree, but the sun shone on us all day and we had a wonderful time. Mr hazelh even sunbathed topless on two of the peaks!

Then it was back to the inn for a (naughty) third night away. (We're actually staying not very far from Edinburgh and I'll still make it to my desk in good time for work tomorrow. This also means we get to enjoy another wonderful dinner tonight.)

Exercise today: 15,978 steps. This doesn't reflect the effort of the walk. The more interesting statistic is 97 floors climbed - considerably more than my daily average of 13.

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