Forty-nine spots

After a frosty start, with some rather dense fog (see extra) the sun broke through and it was a glorious windless spring day. I dropped Alex at Orton Pit, where he was spending the day helping to sample water quality in the 300 reserve ponds, and then went out to Holme Fen for a walk.

For the first time this spring I was too hot in my coat - the seven-spot ladybirds were also making the most of the heat, and there were crowds of them in the tops of the south-facing heather bushes. The wood was full of bird-song, although some winter visitors are still here - a very large flock of siskins were feasting on birch seeds.

In the afternoon Pete and I went to fetch some seed compost, and enjoyed a free coffee outside. Alex stayed at Orton Pit until nearly five, and came home with mild sunburn. Spring must be here!

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