As I am likely to be rather busy tomorrow, and it was quite easy for me to take photographs today, thought I would post another collage.  Will Glennon and a cameraman from Points West, our local news programme were at the Parish Church in Wroughton, to film some of the scenes and to interview Laura Barnes, the Producer, Anna Friend, the Director and a couple of members of the cast.

The cross and candlestick were on the altar in the church and the top scene shows Mary Magdalene (Becky Sage) speaking, with Jesus (Jordan Turk) in the foreground.  

The middle photograph is a Post-it Note that I thought was very appropriate for Easter, which I left on a flyer in the church, and the bottom one shows Jordan and Jamie Carter, the Assistant Director walking out afterwards. Jamie had done some amazing make-up on Jordan;  unfortunately, I didn’t get any shots of Jordan’s back - but perhaps just as well - it was so realistic and may have offended someone!

If you live in our area, watch Points West tonight at 6.30 p.m. and you may see someone you know - or alternatively, you could always come to Wroughton tomorrow to watch and be a part of the this wonderful production.

There is a fantastic atmosphere and great camaraderie between the the cast and the crowd  - and it does seem a shame to think that this will all be over by lunchtime tomorrow, at just about the time Jesus died - but as Christians, we know that wasn’t the end!

The greatest love you can have
     for your friends
          is to give your life
               for them.
John 15:13 
Good News Translation

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