Another day, another short-formed train, but three carriages today.  The platform was noticeably quieter this morning, so we were lucky enough to find a couple of seats, many were not as lucky as us.  BB was on an end of term high when we dropped him at breakfast club this morning! He was pleased to have all his homework completed and they were having a fun day at school.  Work was also strangely quiet today with one of my team on holiday and three off sick.  My boss and I had a meeting which had been shrouded in mystery, but turned out to be a helpful meeting with colleagues updating us on their progress across a number of areas.  We are still wondering why there was so much mystery around it. 

Our big boss held an Easter gathering with cakes and hot cross buns this afternoon, which was a pleasant way to round off the day, before the start of the long weekend.  Strangely coming home tonight, when there is only ever two carriages and various degrees of busy-ness, there were three carriages, lots of space and seats.  I actually wondered whether I was on the right train!

BB was a bit under the weather when I picked him up tonight, but perked up later on. However he didn’t want any tea and went to bed early.  I hope it is just end of term tiredness.

Here is a knot in the weathered wood from which our falling-apart garage is built.

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