BB went off quite happily to holiday club.  They were going on a trip to East Links Family Park and he was looking forward to it.  They had a great day for their outing, and he was weary tonight.  I spent the day at work trying to catch up with a few things, succeeding with some of them, but not with others.  With only forty five minutes of my day left, I had an urgent request for some information.  I managed to pull it together, but only just – this was not helped by a phone call in the middle of this time slot, that I had been waiting on all day!  I left work in a rush, but made my train and was in good time to collect BB. 

BB and I then headed back to the out of town shopping centre to exchange a book that BB had received from Uncle D (he already had it).  He just wanted to go home, but I knew that it was tonight or never!  Once at the bookshop he was more than happy to browse, but in the end it was me who picked out a few books for him to choose from.  I then treated us to something from M&S for tea.

I have an early start tomorrow, and cannot find the charger for my work phone (which is dead).  I’ve had the house upside down, but cannot find it, which makes me wonder whether it is at work!  I will just have to be out of contact tomorrow.

No time for blips today, so grabbed something from the garden when we got back tonight.  These primroses have appeared every year in our garden since we moved here.  It’s always nice to see them again.

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