Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

Dam Geese...

Well....I thought today was going to be a complete washout as the rain didn't stop until late afternoon. But at least this gave me chance to do some washing and jobs.

When my husband arrived home, the rain had stopped and the sun was out :)
So, off for a walk before dinner and we thought we'd try Carr Mill Dam. It's only about 25 minutes drive and my parents mentioned it last time we were there.
There was no wind and it was about 12 degrees so we set off on our circuit. It actually ended up being really slow going as it was SO muddy. We weren't really too prepared and very gingerly tip-toed our way around and managed to avoid falling down - should have worn some wellies! But it gave us time to listen to the beautiful bird song and watch the numerous pairs of Great Crested Grebes go about their courting. Apparently it is quite an important site for these grebes.
They didn't get close enough for a really good shot, so you get a pair of Greylag Geese for my blip today who were being equally amorous!

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