Hello Blipfriends!  
Dolly reporting!

After our long day in London yesterday, I was only interested in sleeping today but Mum had other ideas!  Since today was warm and sunny and it was going to be the only nice day all week, Mum decided to plan a picnic!!  Which actually made me happy because I love picnics!!

We didn't go far - just to the little woods nearby. We walked along the rape fields and saw that the flowers are growing fast!  The problem was that the farmer seems to have just poured liquid manure on the fields so it STANK!!  Not so nice for picnic time!! We tried to ignore it.

The bluebells are starting to flower, so I know we will be doing lots of walks here as mum goes kind of nuts over the purple carpet they create. I'm sure I'll be expected to pose in the middle of them. Happens every year. Sigh. The yellow flowers are Lesser Celandine.

We had our picnic sitting on a log by a little pond. The birds were singing and we were just about far enough away from the stinky fields so we tried to ignore the smell. A big tree had fallen in the last storm right by the pond but we were able to climb around it. I sat on my little yellow blanket (which matches both the rape flowers and the lesser celandine) and shared some of mum's snacks while she drank her coffee and enjoyed the sun. Bliss!

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