a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Starting again

Mono Monday: A new beginning

It was wet in Bristol today. Very wet, in fact.  But I managed to get this photo during my lunch hour, whilst balancing an umbrella to try to keep the camera dry, if not me.  If it looks suitably moody, that is because it was! 

This is part of a large block of Bristol's Redcliffe area that is being demolished and regenerated.  As you can see the developers have taken down about half of the existing building stock at the moment and should reach this building in a few weeks or so.  The only part that is being retained is the wall held up by scaffolding to the left of the shot.  In the foreground Cotswold Archaeology have been busy chronicling the bits of medieval Bristol that lie below.  

Literally just around the corner to the right (out of shot) is the Seven Stars public house, which was central to the start of the campaign for the abolition of the slave trade which shamefully was so central to Bristol's development and growth. 

This then is a new beginning for this part of Bristol.  In the last few hundred years, the Redcliffe area was the site of warehouses and manufactories of one sort or another.  But more recently it has decayed badly, overlooked by planners and policy makers.  Now though it is to be redeveloped principally as housing. A new beginning indeed.

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