An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

One Step Forward...

No steps back.

Was up a bit earlier this morning as my hip felt a bit looser and a bit less painful.  Alan still managed to be up before me but was having a great time with Anna, who was back from two weeks annual leave, he was quite happy to wait for me.   He is really chuffed with the t-shirt Anna brought him; black with white letters on the front that say Super Ally.  :-))

After lunch I hobbled off to my GP appointment.   It was great fun getting onto the examination table that didn't go quite low enough, elegance personified at the best of time, I am sure I looked very stylish clambering on!

After examining my hip and knee, the GP came to the conclusion that the pain could be caused by one of three things -  deferred pain from my knee, arthritis in the hip joint or fluid surrounding the hip joint.   As I expected, an X-ray is required to hopefully give a clue to the exact cause.  Will have that done on Thursday.

Came home and made soup for tomorrow's lunch with my friend Alison and by then all my beans were used up.  Metaphorically speaking I mean, not in my soup :-)

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