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By Damnonii

Drum & Bones...

The day got off to a good start with the Hotpoint repair man checking the washing machine and confirming it needs a new drum.  No cost to us as it's still under warranty, so far so good.   

Then the bombshell. 

It will be 10-12 days before the drum will arrive.  What??!!!!  Well that is absolutely no use.   There's already two days worth of washing sitting there.   Although we could have farmed out the washing to various friend's machines, me being unable to drive any distance at the moment to drop it off or pick it up just made it all too complicated and unmanageable, so we've ordered a new washing machine.  It will be here tomorrow.  Thank heavens for AO.

We'll still get the new drum fitted to the old machine as it's not costing us anything and either sell it or maybe keep it as we've talked before about Alan having his own washing machine.   We'll decide another day :)

After lunch it was time for my big day trip out to PRI's x-ray department.  I was giddy with excitement at getting further than the front door.   

Arriving at x-ray and giving my name to the receptionist, I was surprised, nay delighted to be told I was already on their system and would be called shortly.  D walked and I shuffled over to the seating area and I'd just managed to lower my creaky hip onto the chair when my name was called.  

"Follow me," said the radiologist, and we proceeded, slowly, up the corridor. Not much chance of me getting the call from Scottish Athletics asking if I'm Rio ready :-/

I was shown into a small changing room with a chair, given a brand new hospital gown (V-neck, crisp cotton and fully enclosed so no embarrassing gaping at the back where the ties are missing) and instructed to strip to my underwear and put the gown on before heading through to the x-ray room.  That's when the fun began :-))

Tried to sit down on the chair to take my shoes and trousers off but the chair was too low.  Or maybe my hip was just too sore.  Either way, despite many contorted attempts, I just couldn't get my backside low enough to reach the seat.   Nothing else for it but to try and get my shoes and trousers off whilst standing up.  Not normally a problem but when you can't bend and each tiny movement causes sharp pain, it's a bit more of a challenge

After much huffing and puffing I finally managed to shimmy my trousers to the floor.  Phew.  Then top off (easy bit) and hospital gown on.  No problem there you'd think, over my head, arms in and pull down, except the gown she'd given me would have hugged the figure of Kate Moss!   

After much pulling and breathing in, I finally managed to get it pulled down to my knees.  It was then I caught sight of myself in the mirror that they handily put in the room so you can see exactly what a t*t you look.   OMG, think over-stuffed sausage and you'll have an idea of the vision staring back at me.

I grabbed my elbow crutches, peeped round the door and shouted on David who was sitting in the (thankfully empty) waiting area.  As he got nearer I opened the door completely and minced out, taking tiny steps like a sumo sized Geisha Girl, as the thing was so tight round my thighs and knees.   

Poor David, he tried so hard not to laugh.  I could see the mirth in his eyes and the tremble in his chin as he bit his lip in a vain attempt to keep his face straight.  My "It's okay, you can laugh" was drowned out by the biggest snort of suppressed laughter I've ever heard.  "Darling!" he exclaimed through tearful guffawing, "it's so long since I've seen you in a dress!"   

We were both laughing so hard I nearly had an Oops Moment!

Thankfully I was called into the X-ray room at that point and the radiologist make my day by asking me if there was any risk that I might be pregnant.  With this hip?  Hahahahahaha!

X-ray done, I thought I would have to be cut out off the fabulous gown but one strong tug from David and it came over my head without any problem. Not lost his touch :-))

Hobbled back to the car and home and have spent the rest of the day on the sofa.   Xray result will be with my GP in 7-10 days.  

PS Today's blip is a shot of the River Earn from the A9.

PPS Yesterday

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