By Missycat

Abstract Thursday 42 Right Angles

I was toying with another idea when I saw that Youoregon1 had set us the challenge of introducing right angles into our abstracts this week.
I do find this surprisingly challenging: a quick glance at my previous efforts shows that I favour curves and rarely introduce angular shapes.
My (still unfinished) patio provides a wonderful source of said angles so I have taken a number of shots - from different angles- and superimposed several of the images.  Obviously there has been some colour change!
I'm adding an alternative as an extra.  I like the colours of both the images but prefer it when I can find focal point which hasn't really happened this week.
Youoregon1 told us that Admirer had tagged his entry so that all of that person's AT images can be view in one gallery:  I shall do the same!

Apologies as always for posting a day late but I do always take the photos 'on the day'

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