After the Courgette Exploded

Sort of sums up the day. The conjunctivitis was not so bad today, but not so good either. And I slept for over two hours this afternoon.

Popped down to the Optician early this morning to ask his advice. Would be better off seeing a doctor. He thinks it will get better but I'm going overseas shortly and don't want to be in the middle of the countryside if the condition flares up.

We're having roast lamb tonight, using one of the joints that I got from Adele last week. I've tasted it. It's amazingly tender and flavoursome. The tastebuds are tingling.

Went to the vegetable drawer in the utility room to retrieve some carrots and a baking potato, and discovered a puddle in the drawer. A courgette that I had forgotten about since late last summer, had exploded. The bulb of garlic was the main sufferer, fortunately, and will be dried out.

You can see the mess the puddle has made.

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