Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Put the pedal to the metal...

I blipped yesterday!

Well, after yesterday's lateness, I was amazed I made it in to work for 8:30! (I could have gone in at 9). G has two new students who are in an Indian Curriculum school but their parents want them to do the IB, so asked for G's help to improve their writing... She did her first lesson with them, then came to pick me up as we arranged to meet the second client of the Cyprus project.

She had suggested the Dubai Garden Center, a place we have driven past loads of time and always intended to visit...

WELL. WHAT A PLACE! Never seen anything like it in Dubai. To say it had unique things would be an understatement. Let alone the plants, the accessories were plentiful and extremely varied. Things you could never imagine! I took several pictures and would have loved to have done a collage, but I'm afraid I don't have the patience tonight. These bar stools with pedals built-in caught my eye... I should run a little competition to see who comes up with a really good caption for them.

The meeting went well, and a re-visit to browse with unrestricted time is already being talked about. I can't wait. :D

PS. They had wind chimes which had the notes to Amazing Grace; and someone who has the patience can work out the tune and play it!

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