Red Robin Leaves - and Mono-Monday Results!

I’ve spent so much of today’s bliptime judging Mono Monday (here and here) that my own blip today is just a quickie – a shot of a Red Robin bush in our garden whose leaves are looking a lovely colour in the sunlight at the moment.
My "Editor" (aka MrsC) is away for a few days visiting her Mum in Cheshire so I had to do the judging on my own without her very valuable input. So I take all the blame this week if there should be any disagreements about my choices!
As you’ll know, the challenge this week was “The Environment” in honour of this Friday being Earth Day, which will include the signing at the UN in New York of the Paris Agreement on climate change. Once more the judging was very tricky as really all the entries could have justified an Honourable Mention if not a Heart. I’ve been very impressed indeed by your inventiveness and skill. If you saw my “scoresheet” you’d see lots of crossings out as one photo after another vied for an honour!
Anyway, here goes:
Hearts (in no particular order) to:
Madwill – for reminding us how important it is for our children to have a safe play environment
Solaev21 – for an excellent example of street photography depicting a typical urban environment
Winchwench – for a close-up of an environmentally-friendly LED lightbulb
Mario – for risking the wrath of the attendant when he photographed a car scrapyard and pointed out the environmental concerns (very nicely tweaked too)
Cowgirl – for her pile of manure, a much more environmental fertiliser than those made in the chemical industry
Honourable Mentions (again in no particular order):
Greg_lovett for his environmental mode of transport caught up in an environmental mess!
Skeena – for Admiral Lord Nelson in his gasmask
Bababarbara – for enduring a depressing-looking indoor environment for the sake of Chronobiology research
60plus - for showing us the messed-up environment in the Lake District following the storms (raising the question as to whether this was purely an instance of Mother Nature messing up her own environment, or whether man-made global warming played a part)
Richardg – For his beautiful native fern in New Zealand, reminding us how important it is that the native trees and plants of all countries are preserved
Freespiral – for showing us the artificial environment in a polytunnel greenhouse
JanetHH – for demonstrating the beauty of nature when the environment is right for a rainbow to form – and her success in making it look good in mono!
ChrisF – for reminding us that solar electricity has an important role to play in protecting the environment
Tracey50 – for a super angle on a wooden staircase to protect the land from erosion caused by visitors
Sdg92 – for a very artistically arrange pile of domestic materials for recycling
Lastly just a “special mention” to chantler63: I'm sure you'll realise how hard it was to avoid honouring her when she grovelled to me so politely in her write-up (Lol!). Quite apart from that, she would have been next in line for an HM for her photo of the environmental mess in Spain where the recession has caused building development to come to a full-stop. But I thought a total of 10 HMs was as many as I dared to award!  ;-))
Apologies once again to those whose blips I’d have loved to include in these lists, especially when they were in a similar vein to those I've honoured. And thanks so much to all of you for giving me such a fun and interesting time judging.

Next week is my last one of being in charge of Mono-Monday (sob!). The topic will be “Diamond”, as it is the birthstone for April. So get your thinking caps on and please give me lots of fun again judging next week. As before, please feel free to interpret it as broadly as you wish.

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