Light, seeking light, doth light of light beguile

Love's Labour's Lost Act 1. scene 1
(Hildasrose has set a challenge of Shakespeare400)

'Twere a grand day in Stratford.
It was the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death (not his birth as I kept hearing - even on Radio 4 at about 9 am - shame on you!) I can remember dancing on the grass as a schoolchild for the 400th birthday celebrations in 1964. 
In the morning, we stood very close to the entrance to the Holy Trinity Church to watch the parade of school children, dignitaries, and anyone who was anyone (or in some cases, not) file past with their little posies to Shakespeare's tomb.
My main picture is of the firework display which was advertised as starting at 10pm but didn't start until just after 10:45. I'm so glad I dressed in two or three of everything - including a pair of ski trousers. Still, it was worth the wait. The fireworks were fantastic.
As members of the RSC we had applied for tickets for the performance which was also shown on TV, and was attended by Charles and Camilla, but sadly we weren't lucky. A friend of mine received two tickets, and we met a couple from Lancashire who had some also. They were so excited about it - I would have been as well. 
We nearly turned into pumpkins as it was getting on for midnight when we arrived back home.
I've put in some extras too. 

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