This toy car is part of the " Models of Yesteryear " series made by Lesney.  It is a 1926 Type 35 Bugatti. They were produced from 1961 to 1967.  It measures 7.5cm long. I have another one of these in blue.  They belonged to my late husband Douglas.  He collected toy cars. Thanks to JDO for hosting the Tiny Tuesday challenge during April.

I have felt unwell all day.  Splitting headache, cough, feeling weary. I had a long lie in but was just resting not sleeping.  The doorbell rang at around 11.30am so I answered it in my dressing gown.  It was a pension visitor from the company Douglas and I used to work for. A totally unexpected visit.  I didn't really want to let him in as I felt - and probably looked - a mess.  So I had to chat to him on the doorstep and tried to gently " get rid " of him.  He was keen to talk - I wasn't.  Anyway he got the message and took a note of my phone number and he will ring to make an appointment.

I eventually got dressed and was going to make the effort to pop out to the Co-op but the weather turned nasty.  Snow and hailstones - so for the sake of my health I stayed indoors.  I made chicken and butter bean stew for my tea - it was lovely. Real comfort food.

Feeling a bit better now - at least the headache has eased.

Neil was here for most of the day apart from going to The Metrocentre to have lunch at Nando's with his girlfriend.

Steps today -3,346

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