....on a calm, cold, 2C, autumn morn.

It was magical to see the reflected shades weave the outline of the estuary, watch the seamist hug the hills and listen to the distant call of the sea, even better to be in the company of fellow blipper mpp26.

As the sun began to rise the heat sent steam rising from the waves - it was a real 'Wow' moment but unfortunately not one I managed to capture at all well. My shots look like my lens is smudgy, I'm sure the professionals would've scored an amazing shot.

The beach was quiet, just a couple of dog walkers in the distance while the port hills were in a soft haze of pink with lights flickering along the hills.

Very few birds today as the tide was coming in. We saw white-faced herons, terns, spoonbills, ducks of various kinds, pied stilts and banded dotterels all in small numbers.

Thanks M for another wonderful time wandering along the beach and capturing the sunrise, I thoroughly enjoyed your company :)

The day which followed remained calm, glorious autumn sun got the washing dry, 19C.

Happy Thursday everyone :)

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