Last Year's Leaves

I had a busy-ish day at work. After a quiet day in the office yesterday, most people seemed to be around today.   It was a rather chilly day again and when I arrived to pick BB up from after school club he, and a few others, were kicking a ball about in the playground.  BB had his coat on – which is almost unheard of for him.

We had the usual quick turnaround to get him out for cubs and I then headed to the supermarket.  When BB got home from cubs he remembered he still had a little bit of homework to do – so TT and I chipped our thoughts in – most of which were discounted by the homework boy!

One night last week when we arrived home I parked at the front of the house alongside one of our beech hedges.  BB said, I thought spring was all about new life and growthIt is, said I.  Well look at that hedge, said BB – there’s not much new life there.  He was right, as both hedges are still covered in last year’s dead leaves, though many have been blown off by high winds since his pronouncement.  I had a close look tonight and the buds are there, but they always take a while to burst into life.  If I were them I would wait a bit longer, as it is snowing tonight! 

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