It was such a  lovely day and a complete contrast to yesterday’s weather.  Just when TT thought his back had taken a turn for the better – it has taken a turn for the worse.  He manged to take BB to his football training, but had to leave the coaching duties to the other two coaches.  I made the most of the nice day and did loads of washing.

We met up with some friends in Edinburgh for lunch – good friends that we haven’t seen for ages.  We had a lovely lunch and some lovely wine, and a good catch up, with a promise to meet up again soon.

I have had a problem with my left foot for a few months and today, for the first time in weeks I wore shoes that were not trainers, walking shoes or my old ultra-comfortable well-worn  boots.  I was worried that when I took them off the pain might have come back, but so far so good.  I put my trainers on straight away and went for a walk round the block – just to check it out – and it seems fine.  Fingers crossed it is finally on the mend, and I don’t have a foot relapse.

I didn’t take many blips today.  Here is a magnolia tree in leafy Merchiston, not far from our lunch venue.

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