Spring Creek Park's Covered Bridge

It's something unpredictable but in the end is right:
I hope you had the time of your life.
Green Day - Time of Your Life

It's hard to believe how GREEN everything is here. But it's magic that happens every spring. The sap rises and the tender green leaves spring forth. Everything's wearing that unbelievable shade of baby green for springtime: sometimes hard to believe it's real, but this shot is actually true color. Imagine that! Go green . . .

On this day, I drove along Spring Creek on my way to work. I made one stop before this one, and what a treat was in store for me. Just as I turned the car off in the parking lot, I saw a large bird winging its way overhead, following the creek. Looked up: it was an osprey carrying a fish in its talons!

I watched and watched, hoping the bird would stop and sit in a nearby tree to eat its prize, but it didn't. So I didn't get off a single shot. But what a wild and exciting moment it was for me, even to see such a thing! Not so great for the fish though, I guess.

And then I made my way up the creek to Spring Creek Park, which is the location depicted in this photo. The covered bridge is just lovely any time of year, and you can walk through it if you like, and stand inside and look out.

It is true that sometimes the best shot can be viewed while standing in the creek, and that's just what I was doing when I took this photo. I had my Crocs on, of course, and the creek wasn't too high or scary at all, though the water did lap at the bottom edges of my skirt. So this photo also documents my first wade of the season in Spring Creek.

The song to accompany this image has to be something green, for it was a very green day. So I picked a Green Day song, Time of Your Life.

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