Sun kissed.....

.....a small rosebud to brighten the start of your week, Valentine Heart just doesn't give up. Nor do those tiny aphids, it's obviously not been cold enough to send them away!

A busy day just doing chores, didn't give Mono Monday a thought - I'm really not doing so good with keeping up with the challenges at present.

A cooler day, iffy drops falling from the sky - the ones that are neither here nor there, gusts of wind making the fireplace whistle, blue sky at times with white clouds drifting through, probably about 17C - it's autumn.

Oh, and we had the most amazing sunrise which I watched from window to window, felt like a cat on the prowl - haha!! I should've got the camera and gone outside as I just couldn't rest until it was over, pure magic!

Enjoying this little rosebud as I looked out my window today :)

Happy Monday everyone :)

I'm chuffed you all enjoyed my last two bird shots, yesterday's sweet two friends just a bit dismal on the colour side of things and the previous day an inquisitive fantail which was ever so cute! Your words, stars and hearts are very much appreciated, thank you :))

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