Aviation Heritage

This photograph of a replica BE2A seemed the perfect Mono Monday for this week's 'heritage' theme. The photograph was taken at Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome this weekend and features the Great War Society re-enactors from the RAF Museum.

These guys and gals did a wonderful job of recreating history during the vintage flying weekend event down to every little detail from the enamel mugs they drank their tea from the poses they gave!

Thank you to Nickimags888 for hosting this week's Mono Monday.

This week I go from the pioneering aircraft of WWI to Medieval times with a historical documentary film crew on location at the Castle from tomorrow for five days. Better get some rest...

NB - I've just realised I'm a week late on the Mono Monday theme as today is MM121 themed 'Wayside'. I'm too tired to change my entry so am leaving it as is. Apologies Nickimags888!

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