City of Roses

Portland is called the City of Roses because of an early business owner who didn't like our city being called Stump City. He started planting Roses and encouraged others to do the same. Where did we get the name Stump City? Our area was heavily forested and the settlers cut down the trees leaving the stumps everywhere. Portland still has forested areas, in fast we have one of the largest city park in the country, there are many miles of trails and some of them have overlooks of the downtown area and/or Mt Hood. I have enjoyed walking there for hours at a time, sometimes completely lost but never afraid because eventually I would reach a road or neighborhood I recognized. I need to find a new walking buddy and do that again!!

Thanks for visiting and for the kind comments, stars & hearts for my Orange Star Burst Flower. ALSO, thanks for putting my butterfly on the 1st page of popular!! Great honor!!! Thanks.

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