after a swim :)

Goslings at the lake today!

Typically I woke at the normal early time this morning!

Coffee in town with one friend to catch up on the gossip!  She's off on a hen weekend with her daughter and friends, so quite excited about that :)

Then off to lunch with my friends from Ghana at their sister's house!  

In between times I met an elderly lady from Church.  On Sunday I'd introduced 13 year old B and my friend M to her at church.  Yesterday they were in town, and had seen her.  She was very pleased and excited that B recognised her and they spent some time chatting :)

Anyway, I digress!  After lunch they wanted to 'wear 6 year old J out so he'd sleep tonight (they also wanted to go to the lake, having seen my pictures on FB!), so we headed out and had a walk around the lake.

Very quiet this afternoon, which was great as the children were able to play in the playground there almost exclusively!

We left each other at the lake and I came home to sort through my photographs....these goslings and a brood of 7 ducklings plus another brook of goslings were all  we had seen (sadly no coot babies, though I was told in the centre there was still 1 left), but I still managed to take a number of shots :)

Duck and her brood of ducklings in my extras along with the goslings 'striding out' :)  The rest in flickr!

It was quite chilly out.  I am hoping it will be a bit warmer tomorrow when I'm off to my usual retreat house for the day.  Lots of layers needed I think!!

Thank you  so much for all the hearts, stars and comments on yesterdays 'Love'!  Very proud to say its flying high on page 5 of Popular :)

Happy Wednesday folks :)

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