to the Alaris Butterfly park. To take a nice picture for my 2000th blip.
The weather in the morning did not look very good, but soon enough that changed. 
In the park it was terribly hot, and the butterflies were all so nervous in the beginning. Ssssstt she has come, they whispered to each other, to take portraits of us all, or at least of some of us. And we wonder who  that will be.
We are not only prisoners here, but we also has to listen all day long to the tropical bird sounds through loudspeakers.
My spectacles, and my lens (outside and inside) seamed up immediately. It took some time before we felt at ease.
After some time Piet Hein left the hot space and watched an interesting film about the circle of life of the butterflies.
I stayed in for a bit longer, the butterflies landed upon the flowers, it was quiet, only me and another woman were there and showed each other our discoveries,
In Uslar we visited too a beautiful herb and flower garden, ate our sandwitches and enjoyed the lovely weather.
Our drive from Uslar to Bodenfelde went down all the way, with many curves, so I was glad to reach again safely.
I have an extra that I at first loved even more.

I have always felt at home in Blipland, and now I feel a big relieve since it has been saved for the future. Many thanks to Blipcentral and all of us who wanted to participate in the saving.
Why I love Blipland I show every day, by posting, browsing, commenting, giving stars and hearts as many as I can. Admiring the concentrated enthusiasm of so many.

My haiku:

Life in the hothouse
Fragrant flowers all around
The butterflies home

And the proverb:

In every Art, it is good to have a master.

1640  Herbert, 346.

Thanks to BikerBear for hosting Flower Friday.

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