U is for Utterly Unique with Udders for Us

Day 25 of July Challenge 2012 and we have reached the letter U.

Went off to Roan Head at the National Trust nature reserve with a friend and her boys today. All 3 boys had a fabulous time building sandcastles and paddling. With it being almost deserted they all also enjoyed some nude bathing! Loads of wildlife to see and amazing views (I'm sure a Smilebox will appear in du course!). But I must stick to the challenge so here is a U that I found at the Candle Workshop Wax Lyrical in the nearby Lindal.

Apparently this is Lake Land Belle who was made for the Manchester Cow Parade. The art work represents the Lake District and was created by Lyne Duric. I especially love her hiking boots!

We are getting even closer to the last few tricky letters...

1 - A (missed)
2 - A for Apple
3 - B for Brushmaker's Black Boar at Black Hall
4 - C is for Cemetery
5 - D for Dearest Darling Daughter with a Dimple (in the Dark)
6 - E for Edward VII th postbox
7 - E is for Eye 2 Eye
8 - F is for Fabulous Frilly Flower
9 - G is for Gorgeous Girl with a Gappy Grin
10 - H is for Hordes of Huge, Himalayan Hydrangeas
11 - I is Indicator with Intricate Ivy
12 - I is for Impossibly, Inventive, Inspired Insects!
13 - J or Jeunes Jolies et Joyeux pour 14e Juillet
14 - K is for King's Head between Kendal and Keswick
15 - L is for Loud, Live and Lovely in the Lakes
16 - M is for Mummy that's Me by Mini-Me!
17 - N is for Next door Neighbours Not quite done
18 - O is for the One and Only Mister O!
19 - O is for Oh its an Olfactory Overload
20 - P is for Perilous, Poisonous, Purple Petals
21 - Q is for Quite Quiet and Quiescent
22 - R is for Ragged, Rambling, Red Rose
23 - S is for Super, Speedy, Sports Star
24 - T is for Two Tough Trekkers at Troutbeck
25 - U
26 - U
27 - V
28 - W
29 - X
30 - Y
31 - Z

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