T is for Two Tough Trekkers at Troutbeck

Day 24 of July Challenge 2012 and we have reached the letter T.

Dropped my daughter and my mum off for a 2 day hike and stay at a Youth Hostel this morning at Troutbeck. Despite the not very nice weather they have apparently safely reached Ambleside over Wansfell and have been restored by a visit to a cafe! Looking forward to seeing if my daughter has managed to take any decent photographs on my old digital camera...

We are getting so close to the last few tricky letters...

1 - A (missed)
2 - A for Apple
3 - B for Brushmaker's Black Boar at Black Hall
4 - C is for Cemetery
5 - D for Dearest Darling Daughter with a Dimple (in the Dark)
6 - E for Edward VII th postbox
7 - E is for Eye 2 Eye
8 - F is for Fabulous Frilly Flower
9 - G is for Gorgeous Girl with a Gappy Grin
10 - H is for Hordes of Huge, Himalayan Hydrangeas
11 - I is Indicator with Intricate Ivy
12 - I is for Impossibly, Inventive, Inspired Insects!
13 - J or Jeunes Jolies et Joyeux pour 14e Juillet
14 - K is for King's Head between Kendal and Keswick
15 - L is for Loud, Live and Lovely in the Lakes
16 - M is for Mummy that's Me by Mini-Me!
17 - N is for Next door Neighbours Not quite done
18 - O is for the One and Only Mister O!
19 - O is for Oh its an Olfactory Overload
20 - P is for Perilous, Poisonous, Purple Petals
21 - Q is for Quite Quiet and Quiescent
22 - R is for Ragged, Rambling, Red Rose
23 - S is for Super, Speedy, Sports Star
24 - T
25 - U
26 - U
27 - V
28 - W
29 - X
30 - Y
31 - Z

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